Attorneys General

So, given all of that, here’s what we propose:

1. Stop making us host your dumb soldiers.

2. Stop letting them kill us without consequence.

3. Stop blocking us from trading with the rest of the world.

4. Stop taxing us without our consent.

5. Stop depriving us of fair trails.

6. Stop shipping us back to England to stand trial for fake crimes.

7. Stop trying to intimidate us by growing your empire (we’re not impressed).

8. Stop ignoring our laws and government, and stop suspending our legislatures.

9. Stop waging war against us from afar.

10. Stop plundering our seas, ravaging our coasts, burning our towns, and destroying our lives.

11. Stop sending your armies to kill us in increasingly barbaric ways.

12. Stop kidnapping us, and then forcing us to kill each other, or be killed.

13. Stop trying to convince the Native Americans to kill us.

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