The President & Vice President

How do we pick them?

With elections every 4 years. But we don’t vote directly for President; we actually choose ‘electors’ who then choose the President for us. The President also picks his/her Vice President. As of 1951, the President can only serve 2 terms.


As in members of the ‘Electoral College’. Each state gets a specific number of electors, equal to their Reps + their Senators. So California gets 55 electoral votes because it has 53 Representatives + 2 Senators. Whichever candidate wins a state’s popular vote gets all of its electoral votes (except for Maine and Nebraska, which split their votes along their House districts). You’ve probably heard 270 is an important number? That’s because there are 538 total electoral votes (435 Reps + 100 Senators + 3 for D.C.), so 270 puts you just over the top. These ‘electors’ also can’t be Representatives or Senators themselves, but they can be pretty much any other person (they’re nominated by the parties in each state). Maybe that’s a weird job you could run for?

Can I be President?

If you’re 35 (at least), have lived in the U.S. 14 years (at least), and are a natural-born U.S. citizen then FUCK YES YOU CAN PLEASE RUN WE NEED YOU.

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