The Senate

Who’s in it?

100 Senators. Every state gets 2, regardless of population.

How long do they serve?

Terms are 6 years, but there are Senate elections every 2 years (⅓ of the Senate is always up). If a Senator quits, dies, or is removed from office, the governor of his/her state appoints a temporary Senator until the next election. This is a big deal because if there’s an even number of Democrats and Republicans – and, say, a Republican resigns – that state’s governor could appoint a Democrat and tip the balance of the Senate temporarily.

Can I be a Senator?

If you’re at least 30, have been a U.S. citizen for 9 years, and live in the state you’d represent, than yes, we definitely need you to be a Senator. Please?

Anything else?

The Vice President oversees the Senate, but can only vote if there’s a tie. If the Vice President can’t be there, the “president pro tempore” (another Senator, chosen by the Senate) fills that role. The Senate is responsible for trying impeachments, where the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides. If ⅔ of Senators (67) vote to convict, punishment is removal from office and an inability to hold future office. You could also be tried in another court for crimes related to your removal, so definitely don’t get impeached and removed, it’d probably be super shitty for you.

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