Why should I care?

Governors, secretaries of state, and attorneys general impact climate change, gun reform, healthcare, civil rights, criminal justice reform, net neutrality, voting rights, and more. They are future leaders on a national level. And they are the best way to stop Donald Trump and the Republicans because attorneys general can sue the administration to get laws and executive orders enjoined, enforced, or repealed. Secretaries of state oversee the elections in most states and can make sure they’re fair in 2020. And governors can veto Congressional lines to ensure the House has fair districts between 2022-2030.


Who are we?

OMG WTF was founded by Ben Sheehan, a producer/writer in Los Angeles, who recruited friends and colleagues looking for ways to help in 2018. They realized most people were focused on flipping the House or the Senate, or on swinging hundreds of state legislatures (which is important work). But the vast majority of governors, secretaries of state, and attorneys general are also up, and they aren’t getting as much help. Through direct donations, content, and events, OMG WTF is supporting the Democratic nominees for these offices in Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas, and Florida – and educating people about how these races affect them.

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